Royal London Flower Show

Notes on the "Royal Chelsea Flower Show"

Well, here we are on the plane. Cold Petersburg was left behind. Ahead is England, London, an exhibition in Chelsea. A dream come true ... We began to prepare for the trip in advance. Back in February, tickets to the exhibition were ordered through a travel agency, and now all the problems seem to be behind us.

We landed and were confused. Despite the fact that the "glorious" travel agency assured us that no transfer was needed, it was hard for us to immediately figure out: where we are, what is with us and where to go. But, as it turned out, the Russian language will lead to Padington. It turned out that it is very easy to find Russian speakers among Londoners. Generally, London at first glance seems to be a "vinaigrette" city. Representatives of what nations we have not met here! Everyone, just not the British. It was Saturday. On Monday, we realized that all the native Englishmen use their capital only as an office, while they themselves live on the outskirts and in the immediate suburbs.

What struck at once was the abundance of flowers. They are everywhere and everywhere. In basement courtyards, on balconies, terraces, at entrances and even on lighting lanterns. Everything is blooming, fragrant. A huge number of those plants that we grow only in rooms: yucca, dracaena, ivy. Bobovnik (golden rain) is like a weed here. There are a lot of small squares. Red-leaved beeches, plane trees, lindens, oaks, yews ... all the trees are countless. We, as professionals, were very interested in English lawns. Of course, they are not worthy of the enthusiasm with which they are spoken of. They are just good lawns that grow with minimal but necessary maintenance. Believe me, the care workers won't make a single extra movement, they won't throw in a single extra pinch of fertilizer, but it will be trimmed and fed on time.

I was very surprised by the lawn in front of the parliament building. It consisted, as it were, of three zones. The first zone - along the paths near the building itself - is made of rolled lawn. The turf was carefully selected, without weeds and trees. Ten meters later, the second zone is the sowing lawn. It can be seen that he is already less fed and less neatly cut. And another twenty meters later - the third zone. A permanent lawn where dogs walk (however, behind them, the owners clean everything in special trash bins). But the main difference between English lawns and ours is that money is invested in them. A lawn is not a decorative shelter for mountains of construction waste (like ours), but the main element of landscape gardening and urban design. Great pleasure was given to the parks: Hyde Park, St.James Park, Kensington Palace Park, Windsor Castle Park, Chelsea.

Perfectly balanced space. Competent road network. You can walk on lawns (but not everywhere), lie down, sleep. Rosaries. A huge amount, but not unnecessary, garden sculpture. Swans, ducks, geese, squirrels. Moreover, it is in the center of London. And no one is after them. And no one tears flowers from a flower bed, does not dig out bushes. I think that here not only fines, but also the culture of the people helps to solve these problems. The exhibition in Chelsea is the main purpose of our visit. The noise around her all over the world is rife. But the whole of London is in advertising. There are signs everywhere: all tickets are sold out. But they were sold already in April. One and all. Of course, the organization of the exhibition is strikingly different from ours. You don't have to pay for an exhibition space here.

You must send an application for participation, and the organizing committee (without bribes) will consider it and let you know if you are worthy with your project to take part in this forum. The construction of expositions begins 1-1.5 months before the opening. Moreover, the thoroughness of preparation and installation is amazing: the plants are planted in natural soil; paving, water systems - everything was done according to all the rules, nothing temporary. One gets the impression that the plots were created long ago. Some of the expositions are harmoniously located right in the park, some are in special pavilions. Almost everything is on display - from gloves, slippers, boots and tools to trees, bushes, houses and bird feeders (very original, we bought two).

The entire huge central pavilion is set aside for flowers: beautiful delphiniums, orchids, huge, human-sized, begonias, streptocarpuses of unthinkable colors, peonies, irises, hosts, clematis, fuchsias. The price of a varietal peony reaches 100 pounds (5200 rubles), a hosta costs from 20 to 40 pounds, a pink lily of the valley - 14 pounds, etc. But we must also take into account that all these prices are exhibition prices, i.e. cheaper than on sale, by 20-30 percent. Garden sculpture is very interesting. There are many copper and bronze statues (how lucky our bums are!), The wonderful world of elves and dwarfs by sculptor David Goody. True, and the price is 2-5 thousand pounds.

Moonlit copper swing with hanging pot of climbing roses. A unique composition "From dark to light" - dark blood-red Heuchera, red-leaved Japanese maples, maroon cordelines, maroon ophiopogon on the border with the water (pool), maroon cannes. Water separates and neutralizes the effect of the dark beginning, creates a transition to pale yellow and white. Roses are cream, yellow, white. Golden yucca, daylilies, light-colored irises. White-pink cloud of clematis. Light yellow pine canopy. All this is delightful. Blue garden. Imitation of a rowing club. Oars, water, canal. Blue irises, veronica, brunner, aquilegia, forget-me-not. Wavy paths and benches.

All this evokes the feeling of water, space, wind and freedom. Balloon garden. An easy, cheerful and strangely detached from life road of balls against the background of castor bean, hosts, hogweed, cineraria and ivy. But the dominant feature is Indian hemp. Now we understand why the colored balls ... Compositions "Hunting Bungalow", "From Merlin to Medici", a garden in the style of the island of Bali, terraces from log cuts. Succulent garden. The combination of sand, water, sedum and Gruson's giant echinocactus, prickly pear, cerius - and all this is emphasized by young people of different colors and shapes.

Many works in the classic Japanese style. Small city gardens with an area of ​​6-8 square meters. Bird garden. Chinese garden. Moscow courtyard ... We examined all this in two days. The main emphasis in this year's compositions is color contrast. We liked the "burned-out courtyard" very much. Almost Russian landscape. Burnt fence, abandoned roses, a pipe with flowing water. But how cereals emphasize a lonely rose !!!

Unfortunately, a detailed review of this exhibition takes a lot of time and space. But one can only envy England, and indeed the whole of Europe, who have long understood that one must fight for beauty, pay without stint, and work, work, work ...

M. Mikhailov, General Director firm "Mika"

How to win the Horticultural World Championship?

Championship Conditions

To become a winner Gardening World CupIt is not enough to be a professional and expert in landscape design. It is also necessary to fulfill all the conditions of the competition.

Imagine you received £ 50,000 for expenses. At the same time, you have only 10 days in order to create the garden of your dreams on the other side of the world, for example, in Japan. You will have all the necessary contacts of contractors, and even a personal translator. In doing so, you must stay ahead of some of the world's most award-winning gardeners and designers. These were the conditions for the Gardening World Cup.

This year, gardeners from all over the world competed in the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Their creations can still be seen there by everyone. The winning gardens are said to be so beautiful that, at the request of the public, they will be open for another two weeks.

Flower Show in Japan

This year's World Horticultural Championships were held in Nagasaki during the largest flower show, an analogue of the famous Chelsea Flower Show, held annually in London.

All Championship participants received not only the same starting conditions, but a single task. Within ten days, they had to create a garden interpretation of the theme. "Peace and Renaissance", which is understandable in connection with the long-suffering city of Nagasaki.

As locals say, within 10 days the designers literally devastated all the nurseries in the area. Despite the fact that they all had completely equal conditions and the same task, the results were completely different.

Championship Winners

The gold was won by a garden created by Lim in Chong from Malaysia. In her eastern garden called "Eye to Eye" ("Eye to Eye") you can see a real dance of flowers on the cold blue and white tiled floor, and in the small pool the stars are reflected.

The garden won silver and second place "The Butterfly Effect" (The Butterfly Effect) by Joe Thompson of Italy at the Chelsea Flower Show. The Tuscan-style garden enchants with a peculiar dance of the Persicaria plant, the leaves of which resemble the wings of a butterfly.

The Chelsea Flower Show today [edit]

The Chelsea Flower Show receives a lot of publicity. It is attended by 157,000 visitors each year (a number limited by the capacity of the 11-acre (45,000 m 2) ground), and all tickets must be purchased in advance. From 2005 the show was increased from four days to five, with the first two days only open to RHS members. The show is extensively covered on television by the BBC. An official DVD of the show is produced on behalf of the RHS by ONE TWO FOUR. Several members of the British Royal Family attend a preview of the show, as part of the royal patronage of the RHS. The area of ​​land devoted to show gardens increased steadily between 1970 and 2000 and the show has become an important venue for watching trends. New plants are often launched at the show and the popularity of older varieties revived under the focus of the horticultural world. It is the garden design equivalent of a catwalk at a fashion show.

Highlights from the 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower Show included The Irish Sky Garden by Diarmuid Gavin based on the idea of ​​a restaurant in the sky. Other show-stopping gardens included the HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council, who reconstructed an impressive and idyllic working water wheel in the grounds of the Royal Hospital.

The 2011 show also saw the introduction of the new Artisan garden category, which was created for designers who use natural materials. [four]

Flowers. Seeds. Garden. Vegetable garden 2019

Exhibition Flowers. Seeds. Garden. Garden will offer gardeners a huge selection of goods and services for full preparation for the new summer cottage season: different types of fruit and berry crops, annual and perennial flowers, tools and means of small mechanization, fertilizers and growth stimulants, and much more.

Held as part of the exhibition Belarusian construction week is a project for industry professionals that represents everything new that is offered today by the market for construction and renovation, landscape architecture and design, landscaping and beautification.
The variety of thematic sections of the exhibition makes it interesting not only for construction professionals, but also for ordinary consumers:

  • building materials and products
  • windows, doors, roofs
  • plumbing equipment, tools
  • heating and ventilation
  • construction site equipment
  • handling equipment
  • outdoor improvement
  • interior design and decor
  • landscape design, flowers, seeds, seedlings
  • wooden and suburban housing construction.

Chelsea Fringe - New London Flower Show

A new flower show

In 2012, UK flower growers had the luxury of attending a new flower show in conjunction with the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

A small exhibition was held at the Royal Hospital playground under the direction of Steve West and the patronage of Princess Sarah, which has become a real event for London, accustomed to such flower shows.

Many ornamental and medicinal plants were planted in this small cycling garden prior to the Chelsea Fringe. More than a hundred events took place during the exhibition.

The exhibition will get better

The show was so successful that the Chelsea Fringe is planned again next year. Registration of those wishing to participate in the exhibition has already begun. Its director and creator Tim Richardson is surprised by the number of applications.

We will not limit ourselves only to wild plants.

Those wishing to participate in the exhibition should send us their ideas by e-mail.

After that, we will decide if we can help implement them.».

We just want to make another very successful exhibition.

We're not saying we want to make Chelsea Fringe bigger than last year.

Because we already had more visitors than we expected.

We only want to improve the quality of the exhibition. We also want to invite people from the world of art and design who could take part in the creation of the park and take part in the exhibition, ”Tim Richardson told The Telegraph.

Volunteers at the exhibition

The exhibition did not have a founder and sponsors, it was organized by gardening enthusiasts and volunteers.

“They were great,” says Tim Richardson, “they all worked for free, considering it their own business. And that's great! It makes my heart beat, because now it is not only my favorite creation. Volunteers told about the event in colleges, universities, museums, stirring up interest in it. "

Chelsea Fringe conquers the world

While he does not want to reveal all the details of the upcoming exhibition, but still said something: “We spoke with several of the most famous designers, and they are interested. Perhaps we will have several big names. We are also going to connect several shuttles or buses so that people can come to us in the morning or in the evening, and then go to other events by train. "

The Chelsea Fringe is also making its first steps out of London. Within its framework, events are planned in Bristol, Brighton and even Vienna.

“If the Chelsea Flower Show celebrates its centenary next year, we will be only two years old,” says Tim Richardson. - We are still children. But I think people know that you can have fun at the Fringe. After all, if you do something really good, then you will definitely be noticed. "

As a reminder, the first Chelsea Fringe took place in May 2012.

Kate Middleton designed the garden for the annual flower show

In January, it became known that the Duchess of Cambridge would design a garden for the annual Chelsea Flower Show, and now she has shared the details of her project. She works on the garden with the Royal Horticultural Society and landscape designers André Davis and Adam White.

The main theme of the exhibition this year is the influence of nature on the physical and mental health of a person. The garden is inspired by Kate's childhood and her new tradition of walking in nature with her own children.

“The design incorporates many natural elements that promote active play and its physical health benefits from an early age,” Kensington Palace said in a statement. “It has been proven that nature has a positive effect on human well-being, so the garden will help visitors establish interaction with the natural environment.”

The garden will include a bird's nest-inspired tree house, swing, bonfire, waterfall and stream. Empty logs, stone steps and tree stumps will test “balance, strength and coordination” in children. The organizers hope the garden will help “evoke memories of time spent in nature” and inspire people to “create new outdoor experiences”.

Royal Chelsea Flower Show to be held in London

The annual Chelsea Flower Show at Royal Chelsea Hospital in London will take place from 24 to 28 May. This year it will be held for the 103rd time. corr. For the second time in the history of the exhibition, Russia will also take part in it with a landscape composition "Imperial Garden: Revival".

Many of this year's compositions will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. On the first day of the Chelsea Flower Show, the exhibition is always attended by Her Majesty and members of the royal family. Also in the exhibition pavilions and gardens you can meet other celebrities.

Hundreds of florists and gardeners from around the world create many unique compositions for the exhibition, and visitors draw from them ideas for their own gardens and homes. This year's show will feature pharmaceutical or health gardens, an acoustic garden, a moving garden and many other unusual exhibits.

Tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show are sold out in two to three months.Currently, tickets are still available on the website of the Royal Society of Gardeners, which organizes the show, at prices ranging from £ 33 (€ 42) for a 2.5-hour visit and up to £ 61 (€ 77) for a full day ticket.

Watch the video: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 Special The Best of British Episode 2 1080p

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