Animals in the country

The section "Animals in the country" is devoted to keeping various animals in the country: chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits, as well as caring for pets - cats and dogs.

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For the second year already, our family at their summer cottage not only works in the beds, rests, but also grows turkeys and other poultry. As it turned out, this business is not only interesting, but also profitable.

Feeding chickens is essential for productivity. You can feed both dry compound feed, and use combined feeding, in which cheaper feed is used to partially replace the concentrates.

Almost any room can be adapted to keep chickens or other poultry in summer cottages. With an indispensable condition: to make it comfortable for living creatures. But whatever the chicken coop is, it is necessary to take into account the stocking density of chickens per 1 m² of floor. And it is as follows: for birds of the egg-bearing direction - 5-6 heads; meat and egg - 4-5 heads. Overconsolidation leads to dampness, dirt, malnutrition and, as a result, disease.

The hassle of keeping this pet in the country pays off with delicious and healthy milk.

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Man has invented many ways to fight rats, but among them there is not a single radical one. The reason is the tremendous adaptability of these animals. The main factor in life - nutrition - is not a problem for them: they are omnivorous. Everything that a person eats is also suitable for them. Plus, they devour shoes, books, skin, bones, bark of trees. Rats often attack humans. Their victims are primarily children. And these animals are also carriers of the plague.

Mice are ubiquitous. They are also distributors of severe infections.

Animals in the country - garden and vegetable garden

The garden on your site, of course, is a place where you relax with your soul, plant your favorite flowers and fruit trees. A wonderful, picturesque place, lovingly looked after by you and pleasing to the eye. It is noteworthy that some traditional types of oriental gardens, such as Zen gardens, rarely use or do without plants.
A garden can serve many purposes - aesthetic, functional and recreational. You can choose anyone for yourself, and he, of course, will be an integral part of your summer cottage.

As mentioned earlier, the garden can only consist of flowers and flowering plants, or you can plant your favorite trees (apple, cherry, pear) and shrubs (currants, gooseberries, raspberries), from which you will harvest and be proud of your successes as a gardener.

Plants for summer beds:

Ageratum. It is a small bushes about 20 cm in length, with fluffy leaves and blue or pinkish inflorescences.

Tenacious. A perennial plant with dense, evergreen leaves that is often planted as a houseplant

Burachok. Miniature bushes with small flowers look good in hanging baskets and vases.

Amarantus. For a flower bed, this summer is well suited with beautiful inflorescences of small flowers.

Snapdragon. Half a meter upright plant

Begonia. It can often be seen on flower beds and borders, it is a 15-20 cm bush with a varied color of inflorescences.

Daisy. Perennial plant with white or red flowers.

The sequence. It reproduces very well and is a creeping plant that does well in flower beds.

Cornflower. This field plant with spectacular blue flowers is very unpretentious in terms of growing conditions.

Dahlia. Flowerbed dahlias love abundant watering and fertilization, and then they bloom with lush bright flowers.

Fuchsia. Quite a whimsical plant to care for with remarkably beautiful flowers.

As for the vegetable garden, before starting one, it is important to determine the crops that you will grow and install film greenhouses for some vegetables. Regular watering, moderate fertilizing, timely weed control and prevention of garden plants from possible diseases and pests will help you get a good harvest. Vegetables are truly a piggy bank of vitamins. And when they are grown on their own plot, by a caring and attentive owner, they become even more useful, and most importantly, tastier.

Favorite vegetable crops planted in the country are:
- salads, onions, all kinds of greens: of course, an integral part of the summer cottage in general (even if you grow only flowers on your site, admit that you definitely have a bed of greenery)
- cucumbers: grow well on any soil
- tomatoes, peppers, eggplants: grow best in a greenhouse
- potatoes: For some reason, the most delicious potatoes are from their own garden. It is quite possible to plant one bed, but you can plant 4-5.
- root crops: carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, radishes, daikon, etc.: it is better to plant them in a little bit - about 1-2 beds
- zucchini : very productive plant that is very easy to grow
- garlic : takes up little space and is easy to grow.

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The main things to know about keeping animals

The first thing your neighbors will worry about is whether your new hobby will affect their cozy life in the country. Agree, the crowing of roosters is one thing, but the smell from small ruminants is quite another. In order for you to have no questions about keeping animals, you must:

  • comply with sanitary, hygienic and veterinary rules
  • your activity must not disturb public order
  • take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of people and animals around
  • immediately report to veterinary institutions about cases of sudden death or suspected disease of animals
  • it is necessary to isolate such an animal before the arrival of veterinarians
  • not to allow uncontrolled grazing and finding pets on highways, railways, streets, other public places of the dacha partnership
  • comply with the instructions of the bodies of state sanitary-epidemiological and veterinary supervision.

According to clause 6.4 of SNiP 30-02-97, outbuildings and structures for keeping small livestock and poultry can be erected on the garden (summer cottage) plot. SNiP clauses establish the maximum distances at which buildings for animals must be removed from the border of residential buildings and other structures:

  • the minimum distance from the building for keeping small livestock and poultry to the border of the neighboring plot is 4 m
  • the minimum distance from a residential building (or house) to a building for keeping small livestock and poultry is 12 m.

In the case of adjacent outbuildings to a residential building (or house), premises for small livestock and poultry must have an isolated external entrance located at least 7 m from the entrance to the house.

It is also necessary to enclose and cover the well so that animals cannot approach it.

Legal Basis for the Beginner Livestock Breeder

First of all, study the charter of your gardening non-profit partnership and analyze what it says about animal breeding. As a rule, ordinary summer residents are allowed to keep no more than 40 chickens or other birds, 20 rabbits, a goat or a sheep, and not all at once, but one species. If you want more, change the type of permitted use of your site to farm or personal subsidiary plots. By the way, an important role is played by how your hundred square meters are designed in terms of legislation.

In Russia, there are only two categories of land that can be used for economic activities - agricultural land and settlements.

If your site belongs to the first category, and the type of permitted use, for example, "gardening organization", you can safely acquire your favorite goat. But if the type of "gardening" is indicated in the documents, then animal husbandry is prohibited on such plots. Now let's turn to the lands of settlements, if the type of permitted use is "for individual housing construction", then the keeping of cattle and pigs is prohibited. In addition, the breeding of animals in the suburban area for commercial purposes is not allowed.

The general meeting of members of a horticultural or horticultural partnership may oblige the owners of plots to coordinate the issue of keeping animals with neighbors

How were rhinoceros dragons found in Sumatra?

In 2018 biologist Chairunas Adha Putra found in the mountainous region of Sumatra a dead lizard with a characteristic shoot on the nose. Putra consulted with fellow herpetologist Tasun Amarasinghe, who suggested that it might be the same long-extinct Modigliani lizard.

After that, the researcher again went to the island to find living representatives of the species. On one of the trees, the biologist found a bright green lizard. He caught and measured the animal, photographed it, observed its behavior, and then released it.

Amarasinghe compared the lizard to the one described in 1933 and concluded that they belonged to the same species. Scientists said they are happy to have found this species, but worried about the future of the lizards. “The rhinoceros dragon was found outside the protected area, and there is massive deforestation in the vicinity,” says Amarasinghe.

Don't leave your pet unattended outside

First, it is fraught with the fact that it may not return and thus turn into the same homeless animal. Secondly, returning to the issue of offspring, even if you have a "boy", he may also have puppies or kittens - where you will not see it. But you do understand that this does not negate the fact that he has offspring. If for some reason you are not ready to spay your pet, then please come up with some decent alternative. And at the same time recommend it to your neighbors.

It is definitely beneficial to grow flowers for a holiday gift yourself. After all, even for grandmothers a modest bouquet of asters will cost 10-15 times more than a pack of seeds costs, not to mention the prices in flower shops. Gladioli, lilies and dahlias will be sold to you even more expensive, since for some reason their sellers rate them very highly. But growing the same asters is more troublesome than properly preserving the bulbs and tubers in a cellar or refrigerator, but sticking it into the ground in time and weeding it a couple of times. You can spend only once on planting material of one or two varieties, and in the next season you can exchange with someone for other varieties. You will not need greenhouses for growing flowers, no covering material, you will only need to feed it with complex fertilizer several times over the summer, but you can do without it. There are many reasons for a flower gift, and these are not only birthdays or weddings, which are traditionally celebrated in August.

Daffodils and tulips can be gifted to graduates in late May - early June.

Lilies are good for any celebration during July - August.

A bouquet of perennial cosme and annual chrysanthemum is suitable for a less solemn occasion.

Perennial dahlias bloom from late July to September.

Favorites for the bouquet in honor of the Day of Knowledge are gladioli and asters. I like to add Pacific calendula to asters.

Dried flowers are suitable for a "long-lasting" interior bouquet: celosia, bluehead.

In mid-September, from the last flowers, weeds and branches of mountain ash, viburnum and black chokeberry, untouched by frost, you can compose a composition for an autumn bouquet competition at school or kindergarten.

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